I don’t know how many of you have ever cycled downhill into a strong headwind but it is one of the most dispiriting things you can do, especially when you’ve just cycled 40 kilometres uphill into a headwind, and were really really looking forwards to the downhill part.


Basically you had to pedal. Hard. It was fuckery of the highest order and after about 15 seconds Deeks (who was heading home from Innsbruck) said fuck this and hopped on a train. James and I continued by bike because we’re stupid like that, and a thoroughly aggravating experience it was too. Particularly the bit where we got to within about 2 kilometres of Innsbruck and the wind stopped.



Innsbruck is a cool place, so we checked into our Airbnb, showered and headed out to explore the town, relax in the bars and eat a very very good Indian meal.

Innsbruck was in fact my final destination, but I had a couple more days before I had to be home, and James was continuing solo for another week so we decided to head out the next day and get in one last night of camping.

I’m glad we did. We found an amazing spot on a plateau above the valley and had ourselves a right old time.







The next day my trip was all over.


It was a blast. And I rocked a funky tan on my feet for the rest of the summer.