the drunk cyclists


An old friend who is also now a brother in law. We have been friends since we were about 4 years old. We grew up and married two sisters (not our own) which sounds highly incestuous, but in our defence we grew up in Switzerland where marrying your sister is seen as an effective wealth management strategy for those who are too agricultural to afford the services of Pictet private bank.

Giles is the wrong side of 40, ginger, obsessed with kit and tech, and utterly lazy and unreliable unless he doesn’t want to be in which case he isn’t which just goes to show that he doesn’t necessarily have to be.

He enjoys eating as much as I do, and enjoys drinking even more than I do.


AKA James Robert AKA JR AKA Jimmy AKA Jaime (prnounced Hai-meh) AKA Jaime Bondage has many nicknames. He is tall, skinny, and has an over-active metabolism so his blood sugar level collapses about 4 times a day and he becomes dangerous if not fed promptly. He is huge fun and a colossal pervert with his own tent in which you are most welcome to sleep.


Whether or not Danny will become a regular fixture on these trips remains to be seen, but to everyone’s surprise he came on one in 2014. He’s a great big bear of a man who over the two years from 2012 to 2014 underwent a fitness regime that transformed him from the least fit person I’ve ever met to a man who thinks nothing of cycling 300 km on a knackered old bike. He’s a very old friend and despite general astonishment that he agreed to participate in any form of travel that didn’t involve a business class lounge and 5 star hotels he kept his sense of humour when the rest of us went full pikey on him. Most of the time.


Tom is one of my oldest friends, and when I was 12 we cycled from Geneva to Annecy and camped there for a few days, during which he got me drunk for the first time. So there was a delightful symmetry in him joining us on a drunken bicycle ride around Alsace in 2015. He’s a skinny confrontational smart-arse whose chosen profession (lawyer) suits his personality perfectly.


I’m happily married with 2 great kids, live in London, have a job and wash regularly.

I like food, booze and bicycles.

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