Some bike touring stuff I like. I haven’t included the obvious, like Tom Allen’s excellent because they’re on every other bike touring blog roll.

Sites / blogs: : Fredrika is a Swede whose enormously charming blog documents her round the world trip. A warm, friendly read. : Redditor /r/Meph248 is cycling around the world taking photos and posting very funny comments. He’s got some great imgur galleries as well: : this link conveniently takes you to the first blog post of the trip. A funny, engaging and impressive account of one woman’s bike trip round the world. : very professional. reviews, trips, kit, the works. : stunning pics, amazing journey : my hero!

Films (mostly nicked off

My favorite is Iohan Gueorguiev. You can get lost for hours in his films of his mad adventures riding from Alaska downwards and from thence who knows. He’s a very engaging character to spend time with. Here’s his channel, watch them all:

Going East Across the West . A charming young man called Simon rides a scenic dream of a ride across the West of the US. Beautiful back-country roads that look amazing, but must have been bastard tough.

From the South UP Brendon Tyree cycles from Patagonia to Columbia through properly tough terrain and films the whole thing. Gorgeous. If you watch one film in this list make it this one. : First of two Mongolia films. This one is 40 magical minutes of pure joy watching 4 friends bikepack the Mongolian steppe. : Ciarán and Laura go cycling in Outer Mongolia. Two words: fucking stunning. (their blog is also well worth a read: : Short film of @jennytough‘s 3800 km ride round the Baltic Sea Coast. Excellently (self)shot on a GoPro and lovingly edited. : adorable couple’s honeymoon riding the Great Divide : 13 loony German hipsters ride fixies from Budapest to Istanbul. Much more fun than it sounds (plus bonus, a few of the same crew ride from Milan to Barcalona: : a gang of Canadians cycle Japan : The Road From Karakol. Cycling / mountain climbing extravaganza : lovely Polish couple Ewa and Rafal bike from Poland to Morocco. A happy film. : two dudes cycle to the North Cape in Norway. Very entertaining. : charming, short video of redditor donpardon and his wife riding from Hungary to Switzerland and back for their honeymoon. A great quick fix. World on Two Wheels. Follow Conrad and Holly on their blue disk truckers. Great for binge watching. : Adam Hugill – Cycling the World.

Wheels to Wander: A Dutch couple with some better than average film-making skills do the classic ride east from Europe. Perfect for when you’re stuck inside during a worldwide pandemic.

Nomad Trails: A cool hippy dumpster-diving couple make their way from Finland down to Africa.